SWG Star Wars Galaxies Reviews

We've compiled different reviews of Star Wars Galaxies to give you the good, the average and the bad. Each review has its score, a short summary of the review and a link to the full review. Different types of reviews were listed to give a broader overview of what people think about the game.

The Good Review

Reviewer: John 'Valandil' Keeler - RPG Vault
Review Score: N/A
Review Summary:
Star Wars Galaxies is very successful at recreating the popular universe in beautiful detail and immense scope. It also offers an exceptionally diverse amount of virtual world content, not merely combat. This means there's a lot for players to learn, but also suggests the game has the potential to attract and hold a user base having various play styles. While it has areas to be fixed and improved, the overall experience at this time is both stable and enjoyable, with substantial promise to grow and progress over the months and years to come.
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The Average Review

Reviewer: MrSkullyBones - Online Gaming Network
Review Score: 77%
Review Summary:
Amazing graphics and the Star Wars name are the only things going for this game right now. Each world is too big to just walk across (vehicles would have been a huge, huge boon) without becoming painfully boring. The buggy missions are made even worse by the amount of time it takes to complete them - or until you realize that you cannot even complete them. Becoming a Jedi is a difficult and mysterious task that no one really knows how to do yet, very likely because Jedi's have not been fully implemented yet. The potential for the game is huge, but it will be quite some time before it's realized. Don't play this game (yet) unless you have plenty of money to burn, plenty of patience, a quality rig, and you love the Star Wars universe. Wait until the bugs are ironed out and some of the promised features are implemented, because right now the game is a pay-to-test beta. In the future, this could be one of the best MMOG's on the market.
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The Bad Review

Reviewer: GamesPimp
Review Score: N/A
Review Summary:
I am not offering a rating of this game, because I don’t feel I can give a fair one. Regardless of the $15 a month fee to play the game, not to mention the fact that it isn’t covered by Sony’s All-Access plan (how does this constitute all access?), this game is clearly still in beta testing. If I were to rate this game based on the level of fun vs. frustration it would receive an F-. Even if I were to pretend that all the bugs did not exist and rate this title simply on the features of the game as they exist today, it would still only receive a B-. Yet if I were to look ahead to where this game will be when it matures, it might deserve an A. But whose to say that when those promised features hit release, that they will live up to expectations. So instead I will leave you to make your own decisions on the game, based on the facts that we have listed in this lengthy article.
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