SWG Star Wars Galaxies Jump to Lightspeed

Jump to Lightspeed is the first expansion for Star Wars Galaxies and will feature space exploration, taking the player from the ground into space travel and combat. There are over 100 new missions, new species, new professions and a whole new way to experience SWG.


Jump to Lightspeed will feature the follwing:
  • 2 new species, one of which is the Ithorian.

  • 4 new professions - Shipwright, Pilot, Imperial Pilot and the Rebel Pilot.

  • Lots of space sectors to explore including the space around the current planets.

  • Fly X-Wings, Tie Fighters and even Correlian ships akin to the Millenium Falcon.

  • Real time space combat

  • More than 100 new missions

Well isn't that a sight for sore eyes, Jump to Lightspeed is huge and will take Star Wars Galaxies to a whole new level. You can sign-up for the JTL Beta at this link.


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