SWG Star Wars Galaxies Scout

The Scout is the explorer profession of Star Wars Galaxies. Being able to travel quickly on foot and gather resources from the land, it makes a good all-around profession.

A Novice Scout can build a small camp or extract resources from a dead creature. They can also craft items which are useful for exploring. Creatures can be trapped using traps that have been crafted. Camps are useful for being safe havens and places where players can heal each other.

Scouting XP is earned when a Scout extracts resources from a creature. They can also gain experience from trapping creatures and creating camps. Experience from camps is based on how long a camp is active and how many people use it. Scouts are good for delivery missions and can gather many resources from the land to sell for credits.

A Scout can choose to become a Ranger or a Creature Handler as their elite profession. They can also become a Squad Leader, Bio-Engineer, or a Bounty Hunter for hybrid professions.
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