SWG Star Wars Galaxies Medic

The Medic is the healer of Star Wars Galaxies. It can heal its own and other players wounds and is essential in battle. Medics can also fight but they are more skilled in bandaging wounds. They have good health and focus attributes.

A Novice Medic can heal minor wounds and create some medic supplies. Other players can be healed within hospitals or campsites. Healing items such as stimpacks and wound kits can also be made by gathering the necessary resources and crafting them with a crafting device.

Medics earn experience best by healing others and by using the medical items they make. Like Entertainers, they rely on other players for providing them with income. They may also take on missions to earn credits.

Medics can advance to the elite profession of Doctor. There are also the hybrid profession options of a Combat Medic or Bio-Engineer.
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