SWG Star Wars Galaxies Marksman

A Marksman is a competent long range combatant. Most professions can use ranged weapons but the Marksman excels in them and can access a wider array of weapons. Marksmen have good agility and quickness and also good mental attributes.

A Novice Marksman must enhance its skills through ranged weapons which it has added bonuses in. There are different postures during combat which can increase the effectiveness of a weapon. Your character can be in a standing (/stand), kneeling (/kneel), or lying down position (/prone). It will be harder to run away from danger during the latter positions but your accuracy is increased. There are also special abilities and functions of different weapons that the Marksman can take advantage of.

There are 4 disciplines for the Marksman: Rifle, Carbine, Pistol and Ranged Support. The first 3 can be increased by using the appropriate weapon but the last increase every time another creature is killed. Marksmen like Brawlers earn their credits best by doing missions and selling their loot.

The Marksman can advance to become a Rifleman, Carbineer, or Pistoleer. There are also the hybrid professions of Bounty Hunter, Commando, Smuggler, Squad Leader, and Combat Medic.
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