SWG Star Wars Galaxies Entertainer

The Entertainer is fun filled profession that is best used around other players. They can provide healing for ailments that other characters have. They are not strong warriors but are quick and have strong mental attributes.

The Entertainer profession is encouraged to join with others of the same profession as they can form groups or bands. Entertainers can dance and use a number of different moves. They can play instruments and a number of different songs with each instrument. There are also flourishes which are special moves performed using the instruments. An entertainer can also conduct Image Design which allows it to change the appearance of another character.

Dancing and playing instruments are best used in specially designated places such as theaters, hotels, cantinas and camps. Playing just anywhere will not always result in XP and healing for other players. Entertainers rely mostly on the charity of other players to earn money, though they also can take on missions to earn credits.

An Entertainer can advance to the elite professions of Dancer, Musician, or Image Designer.
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