SWG Star Wars Galaxies Artisan

The Artisan is the crafter profession of Star Wars Galaxies. They have high starting mental attributes and are not designed for combat. The unique feature of an Artisan is that they are builders of the society, they are the only ones who can create certain items and structures. They may be a passive profession but can make a lot of money and are valued by many other players.

A Novice Artisan starts with the abilities to craft basic weapons, clothing, trinkets, toys and food items. To create an item you must have enough resources to make that item. Items are created using the crafting device which is in your inventory. They can also extract small amounts of resources from different locations. Resources can be found by using a survey device and scanning the surrounding land. Once an ample amount of resources has been located, you can sample it using your survey device and it will gather that resource.

Artisans earn experience by crafting items and extracting/sampling resources. After items or resources have been gathered, they can be sold at the Bazaar or to other players. It may be a tedious and boring job but no one said it was going to be easy, or can it be?

An Artisan can advance to such elite professions as an Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Architect, Merchant, Chef, Tailor, or even a Droid Engineer. For the hybrid professions there are the Smuggler and Commando paths.
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