SWG Star Wars Galaxies Yavin 4

Yavin 4 is a jungle moon orbiting the gas giant planet of Yavin. An Imperial presence, established after the Battle of Yavin, makes traveling to the planet difficult and dangerous. However, those with a deep interest in the Imperial cause may decide to help the over-worked military presence on Yavin 4.

In the Star Wars saga, Yavin 4 plays a significant role as the staging area for the Battle of Yavin, where the first Death Star was destroyed by the Rebel Alliance. In Star Wars Galaxies, the moon remains a hotbed of conflict between the Empire and the Rebels. Battles for control of Yavin 4 are a central part of the ongoing Galactic Civil War, as is the exploration of its abandoned temples. The adventurous will encounter a variety of creatures. The Massassi, the original inhabitants of Yavin 4, have long since disappeared but rumors persist of survivors deep in the jungles...
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