SWG Star Wars Galaxies Dathomir

Dathomir is a low-gravity world located in the Quelii sector. The planet is inhabited by the Witches of Dathomir, a group of Force-sensitive women who ride fearsome rancors. These "witches" live in different clans that include a group of darksiders calling itself the Nightsisters. The 'Singing Mountain Clan' and the 'Nightsisters' are at odds with one another - and with visitors who fail to show the proper respect. Visitors can align themselves with either side and benefit from trade with these powerful indigenous creatures.

Dathomir can only be accessed by special charter transports operated by skilled pilots. Its terrain is highly dangerous. Besides rancors, the witches are a constant threat on Dathomir.

Dathomir has not appeared in any of the films, but is an important part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. It appears in such books as The Courtship of Princess Leia, Darksaber, Star by Star, and Children of the Jedi. Additional information on the planet can be found in reference sources including The Star Wars Encyclopedia. The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons, and LucasArts Entertainment's Behind the Magic. Infinity's End, a story-arc within Dark Horse's ongoing Star Wars comic book series also takes place on Dathomir.
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