SWG Star Wars Galaxies Corellia

Since the inception of the Republic, Corellia has always proudly followed its own path, occasionally at the expense of the larger galactic community. It is a fiercely independent world governing a fiercely independent sector that has traditionally been inward-looking, detached from seismic political events that have reshaped the galaxy time and again.

Corellia and four other planets orbit the star of Corell in the Corellian sector. The entire system is an astrophysical curiosity, an enigmatic relic possibly left behind by an incredibly advanced ancient culture. As unlikely as it seems, all five planets are habitable, and floating between the fifth and sixth planets -- Tralus and Talus, the Double Worlds -- is an immense artifact known as Centerpoint Station. It is an unimaginably ancient device floating at the gravitic balance point between both worlds. Some xenoarchaeologists posit that Centerpoint was employed by an ancient, incredibly powerful culture to move the planets of the Corellian system into place.

Corellia is known as the "Elder Brother" of the system, serving as the administrative center not only for its "Brother planets" Drall, Selonia, Talus and Tralus, but also the entire sector. The planet is governed by a Diktat, while the sector itself was represented in the Galactic Senate by a Senator.

Corellia is a beautiful world of fields, forests and seas. Despite its age and influence in Galactic affairs, it has not become a completely urbanized city planet like Coruscant. Corellians take pride in the open expanses of razor grass fields and unpolluted sandy beaches. Their solution to urban overgrowth was in moving shipbuilding facilities off-planet. The shipyards of such monolithic companies as the Corellian Engineering Corporation are immense, producing such famous vessels as Corellian CR90 corvettes, Republic cruisers and the ubiquitous YT-series freighters.

Corellia's cluster of continents are bracketed by two huge oceans, an eastern and western one. The capital city of Coronet lies on a coastal front along the Golden Beaches, with other cities such as Bela Vistal and Tyrena. Though the planetary population has fluctuated during the decades of the Galactic Civil War, it numbered over 15 billion, with Coronet being the largest single concentration of citizenry. Scattered inland are a number of small towns and farming hamlets.
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