SWG Star Wars Galaxies Teras Kasi Artist Guide

This Teras Kasi Artist Guide was submitted by: Imodi Ibanei.

Beginners Guide to starting out for TKA in SWG.

Ok when you start your game, choose a reasonably full server (too quiet and u won’t be able to get equipment, too busy and it’ll lag). For species choose either wookie (non imperial) or trandoshan, then select brawler as your starting profession. These characters and skill set will give you best unarmed start point to get going earning xp and cash.

Right some peeps will sit outside a city and just kill anything that moves for xp, this is great if your loaded, but for most this doesn’t help. So start on corellia if you can and before you do anything go find a medic training and learn novice medic. This will be invaluable in the early stages of your career.

Now for some money and xp, your first chance to go hit something. Go find the mission terminal and select 2 mission in same direction. Try to keep them lower to middle of the reward options available at 1st your skills and equipment are limited so we keep them easier. (also will more efficiently get xp and cash)

When taking missions try to take the lone targets away from the group or lair 1st, then move in closer to lair, if you have trouble back off (enemy will only follow so far from lair) sit down and use “tend damage self” to heal damage. When recovered (remember to let mind recover) you can now go and take any remaining enemies then proceed to lair. If humanoid npc lair it won’t spawn npc’s so go ahead and destroy it then go to next mission. If it’s a creature lair you may need to be a bit more careful, normally a lair will spawn 2 or 3 times once its attacked, so start attacking the lair, as soon as something spawns, PEACE the lair and turn on the creature, repeat this till lair is destroyed.

Methods for attacking enemies in the early stages of brawler are varied, some like to use the specials (drain mind points) but I find the most efficient and safe way to attack is using beserk, if you sneak up behind an enemy and beserk then attack, you should be able to take them out in 1 or two good hits, much reducing time and risk. Use this method untill you achieve novice TKA to maximize efficiency and follow quickest route to tka.

Right so for a while you keep runnign back and to doing simple missions. When you have some cash worth wile investments are:
  • Good, (skill use 5) medpacks, capable of healing 300 pts of damage
  • Marksman skill from trainer.

  • Rifle or pistol.

  • Scout skill and crafting tool (extract materials from creature bodies to make camps for resting and recover)

  • Vehicle, (drastically reduces travelling time, try and get a cheap one off a friend if u can)
All this costs money, and to further your career and attack bigger targets you need to earn more. So how to earn some cash so you can start to earn big money?

Right get enough cash for a flight to the mining post on dantooine, (preferably when server is busy) ensuring you have enough cash for return flight. And join a hunting group. Groups will go out after the big creatures that only masters can solo effectively. When out use your rifle/pistol and try and stay out of firing range of the creatures, you won’t last long out there I promise. This will allow you to get a good few thousand credits in an hour or two.

Basic rules for group hunting.

Try and concentrate fire on a creature already under attack by group. Soloing a voritor will just get very messy very quickly. (some creatures can poison or kill so make sure you have a clone on planet) when it comes to lair, either let someone else hit the lair for 1st few missions, or be ready to peace as soon as spawn. Nothing annoys a group more than a noobie hitting a lair for too long and being slaughtered by the huge numbers of creatures that spawn.

Sneaky hint to extra cash on group hunt:
If a large group select big targets (25k credits) in direction specified) and then when it comes to your mission (normally works on who’s closest rule) if you die near end off mission and clone back at mining post, and group is out of range when they complete your mission, you will receive all of the cash (25k in your pocket) re join group and continue to do the collective missions. You will earn on average 40 – 50k if you do this once on a group mission outing.
When you have gained enough cash we can go and get some armour. (would recommend full suit of Ubese with at least 70% kinetic resist) ask around space ports someone will give you coords of a good armoursmith. This should cost around 40 – 70k, you need to have say another 15 – 20k for the next part.

Go back to the mining post on dantooine, go to cantina and listen to a musician, hopefully a med will heal any wounds you have, wait till all wounds (if any are healed) and then leave cantina, out front (hopefully) will be a master doctor sat on ground with a queue in front of him. The doctor is performing buffs for a fee, (normally 6-8k) a good buff will increase all health and action stats by 2-3k each for 2-3 hours. When buffs complete, tip the doctor requested fee, (make sure you have cash before you join cue, there is a bank terminal near starport). Now goto the mission terminal and select 2 missions for “savage quenkers” in northern direction. Then go take these in same way as before, now as a novice brawler it can take maybe 15 - 30 minutes to finish off a lair, but for your trouble you will earn 7-8k credits and 20-30k XP. Now isn’t that worth your time? With the kinetic armour and the buff the creatures will not be able to damage you quicker than you can heal automatically, so no need to worry. Now don’t get cocky tough, a voritor hunter is still far out of your reach, with knockdown and dizzy at their disposal they will concentrate on your mind, killing you that way.

If you find your mind gets a little low, buy some brandy to boost these stats for about 30 minutes a shot.

You can attack these all the way to master tka, but gets boring later on. When you get novice tka, switch from beserk and attack to the unarmed hit 2. Then collect xp to build up the power techniques tree first, use the new skills as you see fit as you clime this tree, when you have all 4 of power techniques fill the other skills in an order of your preference. With powerskill 4 you can solo most creature with armour and a buff, but surprisingly the quenkers remain the most efficient form of cash and xp.

More advanced tka’s can achieve 2 quenker lairs every 10 minutes including travel, that’s up to 360,000 XP and 96,000 credits per hour !!!!! not bad for big armadillos.

Get trained in any skills you have (medic/brawler/marksman etc) as you go through game, more skills you have, more training you can administer, the more apprentice points you gain to get master tka later.

Right why do all this to get TKM other than the ability to kick shite out of most players. Cash for one. You can group solo hunt (ie group to unlock 27k missions, but you run off and do em solo, so get all cash) dantari raiders, ok that’s 27k per lair, and say 6 – 10 minutes per pair of lairs and travel, so that’s 324,000 – 540,000 credits per hour 

Ok you can go off and do rebel/imp missions till your hearts content. Most normal npc characters will fold like paper understrain of a rapid bombardment of unarmed hit 3. (stormtroopers last about 3 – 4 seconds depending on if they run away or not)

You can make a useful contribution to the special missions etc. but don’t try and solo a krayt dragon while everyone is resting, I got cocky one day and when group sat for a rest and heal, I ran upto It, I was doing well, hitting it with dizzy, knockdown 2 and unarmed 3, then it just stepped on me and I was dead 

So there you have it, I have probably missed a couple of things, and some indetail. So I’ll summarize below. Have fun and I’ll c u in eclipse 

  1. Get medic skills, then do simple missions.

  2. Get marksman and scout skills.

  3. Travel to dantooine to do group missions.

  4. Buy good kinetic armour and get money for some buffs.

  5. Solo hunt savage quenkers north of minning post.

  6. Climb power tree first, then remaining.
Only thing to leave you on is what other skills, well it may have come to your attention that you are crap at long range, so I would couple TKM with one of the following.
  • Rifleman: Excelent at long range, specialality is sniping undetected.

  • Commando: Devastating weaponry, acid rifle cuts through most armour.

  • Pistoleer: Excellent at both long and short range (pistol whip) 1 shot can cut through armour with right weapon.

Hope was some help.

Have fun all.

Imodi Ibanie (eclipse)

Novice Architect
Novice Artisan
Master Marksman (retired)
Novice commando (retired)
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