SWG Star Wars Galaxies Cheats

Cheats in a MMORPG are very uncommon. There would be no point to implement them as the developers would not want other players to have god like powers and abilities over others. If there were any, they would be for special characters like developers designated by Sony Online Entertainment and could only be used by those certain characters. The use of cheats in gaming comes from single player games where the developers hide certain codes in the game which give the players abilities which make the game a whole lot easier.

There really are no Cheats in Star Wars Galaxies, but some people choose to refer to them as exploits. Exploits are bugs in the game which can give the player an unfair advantage over others.

There are no known public databases of cheats or exploits in Star Wars Galaxies but there is a large and updated database of SWG exploits at Skryer.
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