SWG Star Wars Galaxies Architect Guide

This Architect Guide was written by Imodi Ibanei.

Hello all and welcome to my guide to becoming an architect. This guide is designed to discuss specifics of architect and so will try no to get bogged down with subjects covered in the crafting guide. Found at www.starwarsgalaxiesonline.com also there is some reference to the architect calculator found at the same site.

Couple of notes to begin with. At the time of writing this guide, a couple of things are worth noting, Architects never get rich of their constructions, Architects require huge amounts of resources to both master the profession and craft the various items available, and there are few opportunities to experiment when crafting.

Despite all this, Architect can be a great deal of fun as a crafting profession, giving you the ability to supply various items to both the public and your friends. Personally I don't craft to sell (at the moment) I craft to provide for my guild, ensuring that the members have what ever they need to achieve their own goals. And build myself whatever housing takes my fancy at the time.

Most servers have low prices on buildings, thus making it very difficult to make a living on this, and with only 10 slots, its even harder to compete with the multi-account, and super guilds that have large numbers of harvesters (upwards of 150) supplying the thirst for resources. Furniture (in particular the white furniture made by master) can fetch a good price (10 - 20 credits per unit) and if you want a viable business, this will be the provider of most funds.

Finally the final choice of career would be in interior design, look around at some of the malls, there are some fantastically imaginative designs for rooms. And this can on occasion prove a lucrative business, charging for both the items used and the time to place them.

OK so where to start? You are going to need artisan, if you intend to mine your own resources, (cheapest method of collection) then your will need to work up the surveying tree. (see crafting guide for details on this). Regardless of this you need to work your way up the engineering tree.

Beginning as an artisan:

Start by acquiring (either by mining or purchasing) a metal, (steel is normally good) then begin making as survey tools. Actually create the 1st tool, then use practice mode for the rest. To speed things up you can use the macro below to save some time.
/ui action toolbarSlot01; //uses first tool in F2 box
/selectdraftschematic 33;
/pause 5; // this pause is to add resources, change to suit
/createprototype practice no item;
/createprototype practice no item;
/pause 2;
/ui action toolbarSlot02; //uses 2nd tool in F3 box
/selectdraftSchematic 33;
/pause 5;
/createprototype practice no item;
/createprototype practice no item;
/pause 2;
/ui action toolbarSlot03;
/selectdraftSchematic 33;
/pause 5;
/createprototype practice no item;
/createprototype practice no item;
/pause 2;
/ui action toolbarSlot00; /loops macro
To use this macro, place the macro in the F1 slot of one of the toolbars, and place 3 generic crafting tools in the F2, F3 and F4 slots. This will run untill you type the following command:

To stop the macro:
This macro can be explained in more detail, in the crafting guide. And all that is required is the entering of the resources each time. (Hint: double click on resources to add them).

Use this and get trained on the engineering tree untill you reach engineering level 3, then you can now switch to building personal harvesters, again create as many of these as you want, then use practice mode to prevent your inventory becoming clogged.

This will earn XP at a much quicker rate and you will reach level 4 in no time, then carry on right through to Novice Architect.

Now you have Novice Architect, a decision must be made, you can either grind the profession, (takes about an hour but very, very heavy use of resources) or the more "traditional" method, taking time, storage but creating objects that are required later in your career.

Grinding Architect

Be warned this method takes a great deal of resources, and if you decide to buy these, it will cost a great deal of money.

First thing you need to do is build yourself 5 structure crafting tools, and place them in the F2 - F6 slots of a new toolbar.

Now you need to build "Structure Modules" you can modify the artisan crafting macro to work with all 5 crafting tools and utilizing the correct schematic. You need to build these modules in groups of ten, then use these 10 structure modules to craft a wall module, then begin the process again, keep the wall modules somewhere safe for use later.

Once you have gained enough XP for your first skill box, go and get trained in "Structures 1" this will allow you to create the gungan head statue, and thus grind the remainder of architect.

Grinding gungan head statues gives 5250 xp per item on practice mode (advice you practice as they take valuable storage space) to master Architect you will need to build a total of 258 if these statues, and each uses 2000 units of ore and 1000 units of gemstone. This is where things get expensive.

Resources required to grind:
  • Total of 516,000 of any ore

  • Total of 258,000 of any gemstone
If you are lucky you can buy these materials at 2 credits per unit (CPU) thus total cost will be 1,548,000 providing you don't make any mistakes, this as you will agree is a large sum of cash. To harvest the resources, you would need several BER13 mineral harvesters (at approximately 100k each) and the time required to mine these quantities. Thus if you seriously want to grind the profession then be prepared to spend a lot of money.

Advantages of buying the resources and grinding the profession is that it can be done in less than an hour providing a trainer is near by (I ground near coronet starport, trainer is in front of the entrance)

Once you master Architect feel free to go off and build what ever your heart desires.

Mastering by "traditional" method:

This is the same as most professions, you will spend a great deal of time building structure modules and walls, but other items provide interest and a good learning curve to the methods required by an architect.

Architect as a profession

As already stated, due to buildings technically lasting forever providing they are maintained, there is a serious limit to the demand for you services. However new guilds, player cities could provide a good supply of bulk orders, furniture is where you will make the most money.

As you build more complex items, you will require items crafted by other professions. One good example is the power converters and energy distributors required for large houses and guild halls, these are built by a master artisan, so if you want to create these yourself you should master the artisan profession. It is possible to buy these items and many others at a small cost so this may be worth considering.

Something worth serious consideration is the crafting stations, an architect has the schematics to create these, but the experimentation points are Artisan points, therefore mastering both artisan and architect would provide better quality stations.

Factories, note that the structures factory occupies 2 slots instead of the normal 1, so be aware. Many of the more advanced structure require sub components that are created in a factory, and are thus identical to each other, so I have a couple of hints for factory manufacture.

Always use the same resources to create the manufacturing schematic as you place in the factory for production, a different batch of the same resource may get rejected by the factory, and it could take 2 or 3 minutes for the factory to detect this.

If you are creating an object in a factory (eg power core for guild halls) that require other components (generator turbine) you must first create a batch of the sub component in your factory, then use one of these to create the schematic before using the remainder to complete the construction of main component.
ie build 5 generator turbines in factory, then take 1 to create power core schematic, place remaining generator turbines in factory to create the power core items.
Experimentation is limited to heavy extractors and the fusion ion generator, thus you only need very high quality components if crafting these items, purchase the best resources you can find, experiment fully on every component and stage of construction, and you should be able to produce BER 13 installations, these are always in good demand and fetch between 100 and 150k in the servers.

OK finally when building items for your friends think a little about how much things actually cost. I personally buy all my resources, as mining with only my 10 slots would take far too long to create the larger items. However this does mean for example, it costs at least 100k to actually build a guild hall, so giving them away freely is very expensive. I have seen many architects come to hate the profession because there guild or player city expect the items for free, not realising just how much it costs to create these items. Weaponsmiths and armorsmiths can ask 100 - 500 CPU for good items, where as an architect is only looking at between 3 and 5 CPU for buildings and between 5 and 20 CPU for furniture. So don't be bullied, if it's a large item or a great deal of items, then tell them how much it is actually costing you just to build it, when people realise this, they are normally surprised but happy to help cover your expenses.

Finally before I forget, I have created an automated calculator to help with determining total resources required for items, and factory run times, this will help show quickly how much things cost, and determine how much to sell items for, what resources are required and factory run time calculator.

Have fun with architect, I found it to be a very satisfying, if not overly profitable profession, and one that can give great enjoyment from crafting.

Imodi Ibanei <TM> (Eclipse)

Master Architect
Master Artisan
Tera Kasi Master
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