SWG Star Wars Galaxies Creature Handler

Creature Handlers are what they say they are. A Scout trained in taming and controlling animals. They can train peaceful and even agressive animals and use them in battle or sell / trade them.

It is important for Creature Handlers to try to tame non-aggressive creatures first as the aggressive creatures can kill you very easily. Only baby creatures can be tamed, and be sure not to anger the parents of the baby when taming. You should get the baby creature away from its parents and always mask your scent at all times.

Training your creature will enable it to learn new commands to follow. To name it, train it 4 commands using its name first before the command, just like training a dog. Pets / creatures can also be stored in your datapad and called upon when needed. As you increase your skill, you can store more pets. You can also feed your pets food so that they will grow stronger and bigger.

Requirements: Exploration IV: Alien Environment Training and Hunting IV: Unconventional Methodology (Scout)
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