SWG Star Wars Galaxies Armorsmith

Armorsmiths are crafters specializing in armors. They can also create personal shield generators and other useful protection items.

Armorsmiths can be a very profitable profession but it is a tedious and difficult job. The right amount of points must be put into the armor to give the armor good properties. Since there are 9 different pieces of armor, creating a full suit can prove very profitable, but knowledge is what seperates the best from the rest. You don't need to be a Master Armorsmith to be good, you just need to know how. Money can be made best by selling the best armor that you make, but to make XP fast, you should create lots normal armor that can be created fast. Being an Armorsmith is definitely a complex profession.

Check out our Crafting Guide to learn the basics of becoming a great crafter.

Requirement: Engineering IV: Complex Systems (Artisan)
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